Dakar Challenge

contest for fans of the famous endurance race  

Late summer, early autumn, Ale Loprais, famous Czech race driver, is finishing his preparation for the Dakar race. His fans have a huge opportunity to spend a weekend with his team, ride in Princezna 69, beloved old Tatra truck. However, it is not all. The second part of the event is competition about the ticket on Dakar race.
So, we prepared a digital part of this event - refreshed photo and video materials from previous year, reminded them all experience and fun, came up with parlous questions for Aleš’ fans. Winners lived through nice days with Tatra racing team and we had a chance to create another content for spectacular ending of our campaign. 
We tracked time of a few laps and published 360° onboard video on the specialized microsite. The fans tipped the right time of each lap. At all we gathered 2 500 answers from 600 unique users.

Client: Budweisser Budvar

Agency:  Kaspen, brainz

Role: Project Management (digital part)



Project & Account Management (digital part): Lukáš Rosulek
Creative & Art Direction: Jan Patawa
Copywriting: Hana Studenicová
Video Shooting: Martin Zemánek