Do you like Greek Gods? I love them. However, we glorify other gods these days.
Hipster, yuppies, yuccies - whatever name you give them. Bloody skinny girls and cool men with inked hands, we admire archetypes of young creative super top human beings. I curated 16 prototypes of young couples and try to set up a collage of Pantheon of the 21st century. I took a look at typical personal characters of Greek Gods and paraphrase them on chosen photos from Unsplash. Add short claim and proper type font.

Check them. They are changing their old Greek papas and mamas in chairs on the mythical Olymp mountain!

PS.: You can download it as iPhone wallpaper, optimized for iPhone 7.


idea: LKSR  /  photos: Unsplash  /  font: Hello Stockholm  /  apps: Sketch